Aberdeen Magical Society

About The Society

President (pictured) Garry Seagraves
Vice President/Secretary Dave Goulding
Treasurer Jeff Burns
Librarian Norn Bichan
Committee Ivor Smith
  James Dickson
  Eoin Smith
Hon. Auditor Maureen Bain

A Brief History of Aberdeen Magical Society

Aberdeen Magical Society was founded on 17th December 1926 by way of its first meeting, held in the Scout H.Q., 25 Belmont Street in the centre of Aberdeen. There were fifteen founder members including such luminaries as W.G. Craigen, Magic Circle Vice President Victor Peacock, the renowned architect Tom Scott Sutherland, first Secretary E.M.C. Smith, accountant and cricketer Alan McBain, master baker George Strathdee, accountant Andrew Shivas, John Carroll, Alexander McGregor, John Elrick, William Bremner, confectioner and children's entertainer (the original Willie Wonka?) John (J.W.) Warrender ("The Gay Deceiver"), optician J.A. Jenson, William Gammie and the musician Irvine S. Cooper.

Society Headquarters has moved several times since those days to such places as the Royal Athenaeum, Loyal Order of Ancient Shepards Hall, the Tree Tops Hotel, the Imperial Hotel, the Sportsman's Club, the Boardwalk at the Aberdeen beach front, the Dee Swimming Club in Gerrard Street and we're now back at The Sportsman's Club in Queen's Road in the heart of the west end.

There have only been nine Presidents of the Society prior to the present incumbent, Garry Seagraves. These worthy gentlemen are W.G. Craigen, Major C.N.G. Milne, Ian Sutherland, Albert Elrick, Bill Seagraves (Garry's dad), Ron Gordon, Peter Nicol M.B.E., Dave Goulding and Steve Meredith.

In the mid-nineties, there was a move to rename the Society the "Aberdeen Magic Circle" but that idea was cast out to where there was a wailing and a gnashing of teeth, much to the relief of the traditionalists. The Society celebrated its 90th Anniversary in 2016 and we threw a party to befit the occasion.

The Society Today

Today, in the third decade of the 21st Century, Aberdeen Magical Society is still going strong. With about forty members, the development and sharing of magical skills and ideas and the promotion of magic in the North-east of Scotland is in safe hands. With a wide range of specialties and performing persona and a broad and varied base of talent, the magic-loving public in this area will never be starved of entertainment.

Society members vary both in profession and background. From full time professionals to amateur hobbyists; from beginners with less than a years experience to grizzled veterans of fifty plus years, the Society remains a place of lively social interaction where everyone is welcomed as an equal and always goes home richer from the experience.

What of The Future?

The future looks rosy for the Society. In addition to the vast experience within our ranks, the younger members have the talent, ability and enthusiasm with which to carry the Society and indeed, magic itself, into a bright, new tomorrow. Regardless of technological advancements, computer controls and continuing miniaturization, people will always want to be shown that the impossible can happen, that the laws of logic and physics can be broken and that man can seem to defy nature. There always has been and always will be a place for the Magician. The Aberdeen Magical Society will continue to strive to make sure that that place is forever filled.


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